EXIAR actively collaborates with local administrations across Russia on matters relating to easing foreign trade procedures for companies, and creating a favourable business environment to encourage growth in exports.
As a result, the Agency has signed cooperation agreements and plans outlining export support measures with several Russian regions.

  • The main areas of cooperation outlined in these agreements are as follows:

  • collaboration in supporting and increasing foreign trade conducted from Russian federal subjects
  • raising awareness among regional companies of the services offered by the agency, and the insurance terms available to them
  • sharing information on export projects conducted from Russian federal subjects

To date, cooperation agreements have been signed with the following regions:

Region Date agreement signed
RegionVologodsky region Date agreement signed10.12.2015
RegionSmolensky region Date agreement signed08.12.2015
RegionKhabarovsk Territory Date agreement signed04.09.2015
RegionSverdlovsk Region Date agreement signed08.07.2015
RegionSamara Region Date agreement signed02.07.2015
RegionAstrakhan Region Date agreement signed19.06.2015
RegionUlyanovsk Region Date agreement signed19.06.2015
RegionVolgograd Region Date agreement signed30.04.2015
RegionNizhny Novgorod Region Date agreement signed15.04.2015
Region Date agreement signed
RegionRostov Region Date agreement signed26.03.2015
RegionPerm Territory Date agreement signed30.12.2014
RegionPrimorsky Territory Date agreement signed20.12.2014
RegionSt Petersburg Date agreement signed11.12.2014
RegionOmsk Region Date agreement signed18.11.2014
RegionRepublic of Abkhazia Date agreement signed28.10.2014
RegionKemerovo Region Date agreement signed21.10.2014
RegionSaratov Region Date agreement signed23.05.2014
RegionLipetsk Region Date agreement signed06.11.2013