Since November 2014 Eximbank of Russia a Russian specialized government–owned export–import bank, has been a subsidiary of Russian Agency for Export Credit and Investment Insurance (EXIAR).
Eximbank of Russia was registered as a joint-stock company on April 18, 1994 for supporting and encouraging national exports of Russian engineering products. The Bank offers a full range of corporate banking services.

  • In acting as an agent of the Russian Government for providing government guarantees and financial support to Russian exports, Eximbank of Russia actively helps to:

  • widen the range of national exporters and their target countries
  • keep Russian companies competitive in the global market
  • launch import substitution, including innovative
  • attract investment in the Russian economy
  • and create new jobs in the country
  • Regulatory documents:

  • Decree No. 633 ‘On Establishment of the Export–Import Bank of Russia’ dated 7 July 1993 of the Russian Government
  • Decree No. 16 ‘On the Export–Import Bank of Russia’ dated 11 November 1994 of the Russian Government
  • General License of Bank of Russia No. 2790–g of 16 September 2014