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The mission, values and goals are the same for the corporate contour of the REC Group. At the same time, the implementation of the main strategic priorities of EXIAR JSC is closely linked with the strengthening of the role and implementation of the competencies of other organizations of the REC Group, strengthens the functionality of the unified institute for the development of export-oriented entrepreneurship in the Russian Federation.

Mission of the REC Group: "We believe that there are no borders for Russian goods and services. We increase the welfare of society by opening up the opportunities of global markets for every Russian company."

The activities of EXIAR JSC are aimed at increasing the scope of providing insurance and guarantee support to Russian companies in the non-resource sector engaged in export activities in order to promote the competitiveness of Russian products in foreign markets.


The values of JSC "EXIAR" are aimed at the realization of its mission, reflect the approach to work within the organization and lay the necessary foundation for the creation and support of exports:
  • We are a team of professionals passionate about exports
  • We set standards and are constantly evolving
  • We make the complex - simple and export - "in one click"
  • We integrate the capabilities of state institutions and businesses in the interests of exports
  • The result of our work is successful exporters


JSC "EXIAR" implements the function of the institute for the support of Russian exports, offering unique insurance products that take into account the needs and objectives of the subjects of export activity. At the same time, JSC "EXIAR", being the most important integrated entity of the REC Group, uses the opportunity to provide customers with a comprehensive package of services and increases the efficiency of the Group's activities through operational integration.

The agency's main clients are Russian exporters, banks and financial institutions. In addition to cooperation with commercial banks, EXIAR also actively cooperates with leasing companies and other financial organizations (including factoring companies) involved in financing export projects.

In addition to insurance support for export transactions, EXIAR JSC is responsible for:
  • building a modern system of export credit insurance;
  • development of export insurance products and investments in foreign assets;
  • formation of a culture of insurance of foreign trade operations.

Strategic objectives

In May 2021, the Agency's Board of Directors approved the Development Strategy of JSC EXIAR until 2026 and for the future until 2030.

The strategy of JSC "EXIAR" is synchronized with the development strategies of JSC "Russian Export Center" and JSC ROSEXIMBANK and is aimed at effectively achieving the common goals and objectives of the REC Group for export support.

The Agency's Development Strategy was developed on the basis of the updated national goals contained in the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 21.07.2020 No. 474 "On National Development Goals of the Russian Federation for the period up to 2030", tasks and expected results of the national project "International Cooperation and Export" and federal projects in its perimeter, top-level strategic guidelines of the united VEB Group.The Russian Federation for 2024 and for the future until 2030, the main provisions of the previous development strategy of JSC "EXIAR" until 2024, conducting in-depth interviews with participants in foreign economic activity, the results of an "online" survey of exporters and an analysis of international practice.

In the new strategic cycle, EXIAR JSC will continue to implement export development tasks, including the growth of total exports and the volume of insurance provided, and will also assist in deepening the integration of Russian companies into international value chains and cooperation.

The main strategic priorities of the development of JSC "EXIAR" are defined:
  • Qualitative growth and development of the business model (the growth of export support volumes at a pace faster than the growth of non-primary non-energy exports and the planned growth rates of a similar indicator of the national project "International Cooperation and Export").
  • Support of ROSEXIMBANK's tools to increase export competitiveness, as well as the development of partner products together with commercial banks and other development institutions.
  • Development of the product line to meet the new needs of Russian exporters (investors) and their partners in insurance support tools.
  • The use of digital channels to increase the availability of insurance products provided, including by placing an appropriate offer within the framework of the Federal State Tax Service "One Window" for exporters.
  • Increased support for large transactions (increased credit insurance for export-oriented and capital-intensive projects).
  • Improving operational efficiency (improving data quality, automating business processes, developing competence centers and "online" channels of interaction with customers).

The Agency will continue to expand its network of partners: Russian development institutes and commercial banks, export credit agencies, foreign development banks, international and supranational organizations and associations.