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Cooperation with foreign and international banks

EXIAR pursues an active policy to establish relations and strengthen cooperation with foreign and international financial institutions. This allows us to build a complex network contributing to the development of international financing of Russian products’ deliveries and, as a result, to the growth of exports from our country.

There are different ways for such cooperation:

  • EXIAR can take the risk on a foreign bank, providing Insurance coverage to Russian banks granting loans to such foreign banks in international financing transactions.
  • EXIAR can consider the possibility of proving insurance coverage for the direct risk of a foreign bank acting as insurant under insurance contracts.
  • EXIAR works with international financial organizations, which attract credit resources from the Russian banks for the purpose of financing the deliveries of Russian goods, works and services under concluded foreign trade contracts.

For more detailed information please contact our Financial products for financial institutions team:

Nadezhda Zablotskaya

Director Financial products for financial institutions

Svetlana Ulyanova

Director Insurance products for banks and financial institutions