In order to further support Russia’s export industry, EXIAR collaborates with the world’s leading ECAs and commercial credit insurers through reinsurance schemes. The agency participates in both large scale international infrastructure projects – which are usually backed by ECAs – as well as short- and medium term trade projects, traditionally the domain of the commercial market. We have no limitations imposed in terms of the time-frame or type of transaction, nor have we set a minimum requirement for Russian involvement in a deal. The result is that customers benefit from genuine flexibility.

  • Benefits for ECAs and commercial insurers:

  • Additional capacity and market insight in the CIS region
  • Flexible risk-sharing schemes
  • Opportunity to conduct business on either a short- or medium-term basis, taking advantage of a wide-range of product offerings
  • Added value for Russian exporters:

  • Insurance coverage of trade receivables worldwide through global insurance policies
  • Insurance coverage for trading companies and subsidiaries located outside Russia