Supporting Russian exporters based in promising regions is a priority for EXIAR. In line with its development strategy, the agency plans to open several offices abroad. This will help promote closer cooperation with foreign importers, as well as increase collaboration on international projects. The locations of these offices are determined based on the agency’s geopolitical priorities, which are drawn up to reflect current and potential foreign trade trends. In addition to ensuring the best possible experience for customers, EXIAR’s international offices will also continue building upon the agency’s expertise in target markets. The offices will facilitate the direct collection of risk-assessment information, and become an integral part of agency’s underwriting mechanism.

The opening of EXIAR’s first office in Belarus represents a major step forward in developing the agency’s international presence. The location was selected in recognition of the level of trade between the two countries, and the office will play a crucial role in view of the Belarusian market’s strategic and commercial importance to Russian exporters.

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