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Scoring results

Assessment of trends in key macroeconomic indicators of the country (GDP, Industrial Production, Inflation, Unemployment, etc.)


Assessment of the degree of diversification of exports and imports of the country by commodity nomenclature and trade directions

Payment balance

Assessment of the country's involvement in international trade and financial chains, as well as its exposure to external shocks

State finances

Assessment of the balance of the budget and the level of the country's public debt, as well as the cost of servicing obligations

External debt

Assessment of the gross value of the country's liabilities to external creditors, the urgency structure and the country's need for external financing

Political risk

Assessment of the level of political stability in the country, including the development of state institutions, the observance of the rights and freedoms of citizens, the fight against corruption


Top 10 goods exported by the Russian Federation

Total export 4,983,316
Fertilizers 1,692,187 34%
Grains? 1,225,524 25%
Meat and offal 1,162,296 23%
Fuel 328,100 7%
Automotive 287,872 6%
Mechanical equipment and technology, computers 65,532 1%
Inorganic chemistry products 53,322 1%
Ferrous metals products 22,143
Paper and cardboard 20,924
Rock 20,025
Other 105,391 2%