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In October 2014 EXIAR is celebrating 3 years since its inception.

Agency was established in 2011 as a brand new effort and aimed at support of Russian exports through export credits and investment insurance. 

By now Agency has insured over RUB 200 billion worth of exports to all regions of the world. 

EXIAR has received congratulations from:


Alexey Ulyukaev, Minister of Economic Development of the Russian Federation:

«…I would like to congratulate the EXIAR team on their 3 years of successful operation.  

It took you three years not only to create a new insurance market sector, but also to build a solid basis for development of Russian economy. 

Despite its young blood, Agency has succeeded in displaying really high-profile achievements – in the three years EXIAR has multiplied the operations volumes, accumulated a rich customer portfolio, implemented dozens of successful projects, and reached all regions of the world with the exports covered. All of this contributes to growth of Russian exports and support of the national priorities. 

There are serious challenges ahead. EXIAR is moving to a new development stage, facing ambitious tasks and high responsibility. Within the next few weeks you will launch a project important to the whole Russian economy – a center of credit and insurance support for exports meeting the highest international standards will be established on the basis of Agency. I believe that this significant initiative will help EXIAR become a full-scope driver for Russian exports’ growth and your highly professional team’s efforts will facilitate achievement of this challenging goal.  

The Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation appreciate friendly and professional relationships with EXIAR, which is proved by remarkably profitable results of our cooperation.  

I wish EXIAR new promising projects, outstanding achievements and proactive efforts.»


Vladimir Dmitriev, Chairman of Vnesheconombank:

«…It is with great pleasure that I, on behalf of Vnesheconombank, extend my sincere personal greetings to You and EXIAR team as you celebrate your 3rd year of performing.

I am delighted to make a special note that Agency having insured RUB 204 billion worth of exports is rightfully enjoying a reputation of a reliable partner in the international professional business community.

Within a few years your company has become a cornerstone of the state high-tech exports supports system, making a major contribution to implementing the state foreign economic policy and increasing competitive capacity of Russian business on a global scale. And you worthily play an essential part in these achievements.

I am convinced that under your leadership Agency will continue applying all the available efforts for Russian exports development, honorably representing and protecting interests of Russia.

I would like to wish you new reaches of success, good luck in fulfilment of all the ambitious plans, well doing, happiness and prosperity to You and your EXIAR team!».


President of “OPORA of RUSSIA” Alexander Brechalov:

«On behalf of “OPORA of RUSSIA” this is my great pleasure to extend my congratulations on EXIAR’s accomplishing 3 years!  

In 3 years EXIAR has proved itself as a reliable partner being trusted by many SMEs. Nowadays your Agency is one of the most efficient tools of state support for export-oriented small and medium business! This is a great progress!

We are glad to partner with EXIAR and convinced that there are many years of profitable and successful cooperation between EXIAR and OPORA ahead.

I would like to wish EXIAR implementing the most ambitious projects and, of course, health and prosperity to the Agency team!»


Mikhail Alekseev, Chairman of the Management Board, UniCredit Bank:

«On behalf of the Management Board of ZAO UniCredit Bank and on my own behalf this is a great pleasure to extend congratulations to You and EXIAR team on the 3-year milestone!

EXIAR is facing its third year being an upswing and promising company and holding leadership on the market of insurance of Russian exporting industrial producers. 

Agency can be proud of its economic performance and volumes of covered exports, accumulated in a relatively small period of operations. Your team, including highly professional and purpose-driven employees, your top management skills have played a major part in achieving these results. 

ZAO UniCredit Bank appreciates warm and friendly relations with Agency and we hope for further efficient cooperation and implementation of joint projects.

I wish you further prosperity and development, and let all the plans and projects of EXIAR be a success!

Wishing your solid team personal achievements, health and cheer! You are doing your job relevant and important for the country. Happy EXIAR-day!»


Andrey Sobolev, Minister of International and Foreign Economic Relations, Government of Sverdlovsk Region:

«I am pleased to congratulate You and your colleagues on the three years of successful and efficient operations of EXIAR.

The attention and support level Agency has given to Russian, and particularly, Sverdlovsk region exporters is indicative of high professionalism of the EXIAR team. 

We believe that the contribution made by the Agency to the development of Russian companies’ exports, will allow building a strong basis for further development of Russian economy.»


Bert Bruning – Managing Director, Atradius

«Atradius DSB was one of the first ECA’s to sign a MoU with EXIAR almost three years ago. The progress that Peter and his team have made since then is nothing less than impressive. In only three years a full blown ECA was set up: a strong team was built, products and processes were developed and exporters were approached. And today an important and rapidly growing part of the Russian export is supported. Atradius is happy to be a partner of EXIAR. We wish EXIAR a future that is as dynamic and prosperous as it’s start was and we are looking forward to be a part of that.»   


Wang Yi, Chairman of the Management Board, SINOSURE:

On behalf of Chinese export credit insurance corporation SINOSURE please accept my warmest congratulations on the three years of Export Insurance Agency of Russia!