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EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA will finance the supply of equipment for the construction of the Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant in Turkey against the insurance coverage provided by EXIAR

EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC opened a combined credit line to Tyazhmash JSC with a total drawdown limit of 4.480 billion rubles. Financing was provided within the framework of export support under the contract for the supply of equipment for the construction of the Akkuyu NPP in the Republic of Turkey.

“Currently export contracts for the supply of equipment for the Akkuyu NPP in the Republic of Turkey are the next step in the successful implementation of our company's strategy to actively participate in the production of equipment for the construction of power generation facilities. This is our first loan agreement with EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC. We hope that the Russian Export Center Group will continue supporting export projects of Tyazhmash JSC," Andrey Trifonov, General Director of Tyazhmash JSC.

“Support for the export of heavy engineering is of priority for the Russian Export Center Group. The financing issue is the key one when it comes to projects for the construction of power plants and other complex facilities. The use of financial support measures provided by EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC and EXIAR JSC allows optimizing the structure of financing of such projects and increasing the competitiveness of the Russia-made machinery. We look forward to developing relations with Tyazhmash JSC as part of supporting the company's export activities,” Nikita Gusakov, Senior Vice President of REC JSC.

“Companies of the REC Group continue to expand cooperation with the machine-building industry, of which Tyazhmash is an integral part. The cooperation with this high-quality borrower fully complies with our strategy for the development and expanding relationships with the largest representatives of the industry. I’m confident that financing provided by EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA will become an important element of financial support for the company, allowing it to increase the scope of export activities,” Tatyana Sakharova, Deputy Chairman of the Management Board of EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC.


Tyazhmash JSC is an actively developing export-oriented heavy engineering enterprise. Among other things, it is engaged in the development and manufacture of crushing and grinding, fuel preparation, load-lifting equipment, equipment for hydroelectric, thermal, and nuclear power plants, and above-ground launchers for launching sites. It has extensive experience in implementing turn-key projects. This is a modern enterprise that has all the capabilities to fulfill orders of any complexity inherent in heavy, power, and transport engineering. The company is respected for its reliable, high-quality equipment with long service life and good maintainability.

The company manages to develop world-class know-how and developments thanks to active cooperation with local research institutes and higher educational institutions, as well as with specialists from foreign companies.

EXIAR JSC and EXIMBANK OF RUSSIA JSC are part of the Russian Export Center Group, which, in turn, is part of VEB.RF.